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Welcome to Home Page of Vitalitas Gallery, Furniture Gallery and Vitalitas Health Centre
An alder kitchen from Vitalitas

In the exhibition of the Vitalitas Furniture Gallery you can find furniture for living room, bedroom, kitchen in modern or classic style, in artistic or in rustic realisation, as well. Our unique wooden furniture manufacturer can fit in with your ideas. It also serves for the unity of the interior decoration that in the Vitalitas Furniture Gallery you can not only choose the furniture you want, but from the window to the lamp everything, which is necessary to shape your home.

János Blaskó: Sitting woman

We lay specially great stress on health care: a mattress, which can be set to the body weight, household appliances, a spine-saving chair of universal use, a carpet of vegetable fibre, a table cloth free from allergens made of natural materials: they all reflect our respect for life.
In the surgery of the Vitalitas Health Centre specialists in dermatology, cosmetology, psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, dietetics, nutrition science, internal medicine including gastroenterology receive private patients.
One of the attractions of Szombathely (Savaria) is Vitalitas Gallery. The advisory board of the Vitalitas Gallery invites the best artists to the exhibitions organised every two months and gives them the possibility of presentation. You can easily choose gifts for your loved ones from the masterpieces, pieces of fine workmanship admired at the exhibitions or make your home full of feeling, particular, more harmonising with your individuality.

Every member of family is equal in Stokke-chairs around the dining-table

The Latin “vitalitas” means vitality, vigour, energy for renewal, delight in life, figuratively the life-principle that our fate can be influenced through our good decisions to a prosperous way. The “Vitalitas” has been created to be a place where grasping the occurring opportunity we can make our life healthier, happier, more harmonic. So if you would like to enjoy life in a home harmonising with your individuality, if you think it is important to save your health or recover it, if you enjoy admiring works of art, or if you would like to surprise your Beloved with a high quality gift then it is worth for you visiting Vitalitas, browsing on our homepage.



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